Monday, February 18, 2008

oh my God..i am so stupid

oh my god i really hate myself..i keep on messin up and i ended up with regrets...gosh the other day i bought this laptop that cost $699.99...good deal ryt? but the thing was..a sales rep said that it doesnt go with the microsoft works and i thought i needed that..i didnt realized that wat i needed was just a microsoft word...not works..darn i was like..really? so i bought the whole thing the laptop and those softwares that i thought i needed....when he finished scanning everything that i bought..the total was $...1,318!!but at that time i really wanted to have that laptop and that was the last one so if i dont buy it it'll be i bought it still..but when i got home...i was having a second thought...and i also couldn't sleep..thinking how cud i spend that much money in a day..or for a old one only cost me $ the following day i decided to return it because i realized that i dont need it it cost a fortune..and today i talked to my co-worker about it and he said that microsoft word goes with the computers but not microsoft work..and then i felt so darn stupid at that time..coz wat i told to the sales rep is that i needed a microsoft work...which supposed to be microsoft word..hayz, stupid..if i knew that ...what i needed was just a microsoft word i shud have just paid $700+..and also didnt regret buying that laptop, other words i shud have not returned it...:C

Saturday, February 16, 2008


hayz finally...i got to fix my blog site...tnx to ken michael...he helped me last nyt...he guided me on how to put in codes...i used to do this a lot back in high school when i wasnt that busy...xanga, myspace,friendster...i used to be really good in fixing pages,..hayz..m not up to date anymore....i am still having a hard time figuring out on how to put widgets...(is that what they call it,?) maybe i still have a lot to learn...

Friday, February 15, 2008


well i got to spend valentine's day even tho my boyfriend is away for the mean time... i and my friends went out to watch the movie STEP UP was was the bomb...i really ,liked's my favorite movie so far since last year....the moves..especially the break was speechless..the actors were really it has a great story..which touched everyone's heart.....there were also a lot of people in the movie theater..maybe because it was valentine's day...but i think everyone's agree with me..that it was because they knew that it was the best choice to you guys better go watch it...i is not a waste of time,money and effort to watch it...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

what a boring day!!

iono what is wrong with my a&p teacher..she forget things quickly..for instance.. if she told us she's giving us informal quiz...the following day she'll forget about it.... and there are also times that she seems drunk..well i am not sure but she does really seems lyk more thing..we had a test 2 weeks ago and till now she havent grade them yet... the only part that she graded was the multiple choice part which we answered on a scantron and it doesnt take a lot of time to correct 'em..take note it took her a week grading 'em...:P..just sharing...

happy time...

Oh how i miss my friends... I miss kickin' it with them. I miss the karaoke and the get together.. Today, I get to spend time with them yeepeee. We were supposed to go out but most of us got too lazy coz of the 8 hour work, so we decided to cook some food in the house. Joyce cooked some mussel and I cooked sinigang. i really had fun. stressed wer relieved again. too bad day went so fast.. I wish this kind of moment will last longer because it keeps me away from thinking bout my problems. I did enrolled in step aerobics to help relieve my stress but is not enough. I need someone...My boyfriend is away for the meantime so i feel so alone most of time. I miss him so much.. I miss how he teases me until I get really pissed off.. Hayzz...I know it is almost valentine's day and I wont get to spend it with him. But it's alright, he's always in my heart so I could still feel his presence. HAPPY LOVE MONTH GUYS!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

first time to blog here....

I noticed that blogspot is kinda popular and some people get paid for blogging and it kinda interest me. In spite of my busy schedule, I will try to spend time blogging. I also want to have something to write my random thoughts on. Hopefully, I get to share them everyday.